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Our aim is to ensure that our products are of the very highest quality and that our quality standards are consistently adhered to.  We regularly test our products to ensure that these standards are consistently being met.

All candles are made from high quality 100% Soy Bean Wax and Fragrant Oils – all hand poured on the premises.


Amber & Spice: Has a touch of citrus and warmed with spice, woody amber and lingering notes of sweet musk.
Angelic Whispers:A light musk base provides a warm background for sweet floral notes of jasmine, violet, peony, with light top notes of mandarin and bergamot.
Baby Powder:A powdery, fresh blend with subtle tones of rose, lavender and jasmine with touches of soothing vanilla.
Bamboo & Whitelily:Refreshing, exotic blend of whitelily, combined with fresh cut bamboo and light notes of warm spice & woody musk.
Black Raspberry Sugar:A delicious fragrance of sun-ripened black raspberries warmed with sugared vanilla.
Blueberry Pie:Ripe summer berries with notes of blueberries warmed with cookie pie crust.
Boysenberry:Rich and juicy berries have also hints of tobacco, tea leaves, sweet florals and the slight zing.
Champagne & Strawberries: A delicious combination of fresh strawberries, champagne bubbles, roses and raspberries.
Cherry Blossom: Fresh cherries, combined with subtle memories notes.
Cinnamon & Spice: The smells of spiced cinnamon brings back memories of fresh hot doughnuts with sprinkled cinnamon.
Citronella: A fresh, clean reconstitution of citronella oil and the gentleness of natural lemongrass, a great mosquito repellant.
Crisp Linen: Fresh, powdery floral bouquet with subtle notes of jasmine and roses blended with sweet fruity melon.
Coconut:A delightful fresh coconut fragrance you’ll be dreaming of a tropical island holiday.
Coconut Lime:A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals, vanilla notes and sandalwood.
Frangipani:Soft pretty floral bouquet with roses, lily and jasmine nestled with warm sensual musk.
Frankincense & Myrrh:This fragrance has and exotic blend of ancient woods with oriental spices, sweet citrus and romantic musk. A real favourite.
French Vanilla:A warm rich aroma that fills the senses sweet & buttery notes.
Gardenia:A floral blend of gardenia, jasmine with a strong orange flavour.
Jasmine: Beautiful floral fragrance with notes of jasmine & Rose essence.
Lavender:A soft warm woody lavender with light floral and berry notes.
Lemon:Fresh ,delightful, juicy citrus flavour.
Lily of the Valley:Vibrant florals of Lily, Jasmine, Rose and Gardenia are a very intoxicating fragrance.
Little Black Dress:Warm exotic florals with comforting topnotes of lotus and sweet candy, and the blends of pineapple.
Lychee and Peony:Asian inspired fruity floral fragrance blending the delicate freshness of Lychee and subtleness of Peony.
Mango:A fresh fruity ripe mango scent with notes of apricot, apple and peach, a perfect blend of sweetness.
Midnight Essence:Patchouli blended with smooth Vetiver and a hint of damascenia rose, creating an exotic aroma.
Milk Chocolate: A delicious chocolaty milk fragrance.
Monkey Farts: Tropical banana covered with fresh citrus notes with fruity accords of peach, coconut and jungle fruits.
Opium: Exciting fragrance with notes of plum, cloves, coriander, tangerines followed by notes of carnations, roses, myrrh, lily of the valley and sandalwood.
Oriental Spice: Peruvian amber is highlighted with ancient spices and rich musk.
Passionfruit:A juicy fragrance of fleshy and succulent passionfruit boosted by fresh citrus enhance d by sweet white floral notes.
Patchouli Musk:Rich woods of patchouli and cedar combine with leathery resins, musk and a touch of vanilla.
Pina Colada: Like a Tahitian breeze this scent features the sweet, wonderful smells of coconut and rum accented by fruity banana and a touch of vanilla.
Rose:The beautiful smells of a dozen roses and fresh lily accords is this delightful fragrance.
Rose Victorian: An elegant and romantic Victorian era is embodied in this heavy, sophisticated blend composed of an intense bouquet of roses.
Rose Geranium:The beautiful feminine scent of rose fragrance laced with top notes of the richly, warm and sweet floral scent.
Sandalwood:Symbolizes a letting – go of the self’, It is believed to promote spiritual practice, compassion, openness and peaceful relaxation.
Seaside Spa:A pampering fragrance with fresh notes and soft floral nuances of pink orchid.
Slices of Fruit:A fruity blend of sweet raspberries, peaches, Strawberries, Cherry, Orange and grapefruit with a fresh hint of green.
Strawberry Short Cake:Notes of Wild Strawberries, with the aroma of shortbread and a rich vanilla fragrance
Strawberries:The taste of fresh juicy strawberries.
Sweetpea & Vanilla: The sweet fragrance of the flowering sweetpea and subtle notes of vanilla.
White Tea & Mango: A Refreshing cup of tea with a touch of fragrant mango.
White Musk: Soft floral scent of lily, iris, oriental jasmine with notes of sweet vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli, fresh amber with a hint of fruity peach.
Wild Berries: fresh blueberries, ripened raspberries combined with fruity sour cherries.
Warm Vanilla Musk:The scent of vanilla essence with a soft warm musk fragrance very calming fragrance.
Ylang Vanille:Sensuous floral notes of ylang ylang mingled with velvet vanilla essence.
Ylang Ylang:This fragrance has a sweet floral scent.